How To Treat Intestinal Toxemia

Greetings. It’s New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker, author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of supplements. Thanks for checking out my video today. Today, we’re going to talk about intestinal toxemia. How can we understand what intestinal toxemia is? What can we do about it? Will it improve my health if I know about it and do something about it? That’s what this video is going to be about.

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Intestinal toxemia is something that occurs to most people who live in the western world. If you are watching this video from a city – maybe it’s Los Angeles or anywhere in the States. You could be in Europe. You could be in Italy or Spain or anywhere of 100 other countries where I actually have patients. It’s amazing how Skype works. We catch up with people all over the world now. But I’m finding this similar story with people all around the world. So people living in different countries and big cities are suffering a lot from a very fast pace lifestyle, high stress lifestyle, lots of work, lots of socializing, maybe alcohol, maybe eating all kinds of different foods, lots of financial and emotional stress, not enough time to exercise, too much time on computers. I mean you’ve probably heard it all before. This could even be your lifestyle currently.

We tend to live very unnatural lifestyles today. A lot of us just don’t do enough in terms of physical exercise and make the right kind of consistent healthy long-term dietary changes. What eventually happens is we end up with digestive problems, and a lot of us have digestive problems. Nearly all patients I have seen in the last 27 years have got some kind of digestive problem. And a lot of that stems from the lack of sufficient exercise, especially as people get older, incorrect eating patterns, and the wrong kind of foods that they’re eating; I could go on and on. There are many different causes of why these digestive problems occur.

If you go to your supermarket and have a look at the section where they sell all the chemist items, you’ll see lots of products there devoted toward enticing you with their labels, particularly digestive aids. Things that settle gastrointestinal reflux, GERD, for example. There are lots of Zantac and Mylanta and Quick Ease. In America, they’ve got different names over there, I believe. But the point I’m making is there are lots of products on the shelf designed to stop the acidity of the upper digestion. There are lots of products also there for hemorrhoids. There are products there for headaches and things like this. A lot of these medicines are geared toward people taking them for symptomatic relief of something they usually cause themselves.

Toxemia occurs when you’ve got these wrong patterns. There is a big imbalance in your life in terms of diet and lifestyle. You’re going to end up with things like bloating, gas, maybe you’re overweight, you feel uncomfortable around the midriff. You have constipation. Lots of people I see have a bowel motion maybe every two or three days, some every two weeks. These sorts of problems can go on. Toxemia is an internal buildup of imbalances of bacteria and often yeast will be involved as well. What we want to do is get the balance back again and get bacteria that are a lot more beneficial happening that produce their own kinds of antibiotics, which produce a whole lot of vitamins, which produce tons of enzymes, which make you look and feel great. Lots of reasons why you need to get good bacteria back in balance with the bad bacteria. If you’ve got way too many bad ones, you’re going to have a lot of problems. Headaches, brain fog, tiredness, mood swings, body odor, lots of different things can be put down to toxemia or the buildup of toxins.

Medical people don’t really take this seriously at all. They believe that the body can magically cleanse itself from all the 80,000 plus chemicals that we’re using currently on the planet. They believe that we’ve evolved very sophisticated mechanisms for cleansing ourselves from everything, including uranium even, every bloody thing. Well, that’s not true. We haven’t developed these mechanisms at all. Many people are dying prematurely because of poor nutritional status and particularly toxemia.

The three key things that you want to look at – let’s get down to brass tax. The three core things you want to look at is understanding the relationship with what you’re eating and how you’re living. With these toxins and then make that change, obviously, into better quality food. Make good quality choices and small quantity choices. So eat less food, but high quality. That tends to be my motto. Eat small amounts of stuff that’s really good for you, and you know what’s good and what’s not good. Those choices are up to you.

Alcohol would have to be one of the most prevalent kinds of toxins that we see in society today. Caffeinated drinks and alcohol are two real big ones, so you need to think about those things. You need to make the right kind of choices, lifestyle and diet changes if you want to stop building up these toxins inside the body. Maybe you want to see a practitioner. Someone who can sit down with you, talk with you for a while, and say, “Let’s check your lifestyle out. Maybe you need to make a few changes here or a few changes there.” Because that’s what we do as practitioners. You try to educate people into identifying these blind spots, what we call scotomas or “black spots.” Maybe you don’t want to look at the black spots in your life or maybe you know what they are, but you just need someone to confirm with you that you need to make those changes. That’s the important one. That’s number one.

Number two – cleansing. Cleansing is a big one, too. Actually, cleaning your body from accumulations and levels of toxins that you’ve built up over the years. It’s important for you to identify that you have got some poisons in the system. Taking a hair sample from the back of the neck is sometimes a really good way to detect heavy metals. Most people we see will have some level of rubbish in their system and could do with a good clean out. And again, you’re better off going to a practitioner, a qualified health care professional, out there. Someone who will take you on as a patient and will say that these are some of the better ways to clean up. Some people need very light cleansing and a lot of preparatory work. Other people I see are quite good. They can go into a medium detox and others – I have done quite a lot of cleansing – they can go into quite a full on approach. That’s a key thing, too.

The third thing I want to discuss with you is the importance of probiotics. Taking a quality probiotic once per day as a maintenance long term. It’s going to go a long way toward helping you achieve the beneficial level of bacteria in the gut. Make you feel pretty good. Give you a lot of energy as you get older. It helps you stave off a lot of acute and chronic diseases caused by poor immune function. Remember that the bulk of your immune system is in your digestive system. Up to 60 percent, we estimate, of the immune system is actually in the first three inches, the first 75 mils, of the small intestine. A lot of that is lactobacillus acidophilus. Don’t kid yourself. You don’t need to get 150,000 different strains or trillions of bacteria, all this sort of crap. It’s not really true. You need to get a high quality product with three, four, or even more of the most beneficial lactobacillus strains and a few bifida bacteria thrown in. By doing that, you’re going to ensure you’re getting a lot of bacteria for both the small and large intestine. You’re going to create this efficient lactic acid environment to build up other beneficial bacteria. You don’t need to take 50 different types of bacteria. It’s not that important really.

Check out the new product I’ve developed called Canxida Restore. I put in lactobacillus acidophilus DDS1 developed by Dr. Khem Shahani. Khem did an incredible amount of research in lactobacillus. More than any other scientist in the world, so I’m really proud to have this particular probiotic in my product. It’s an exceptional product. Check out Canxida Restore at Taking something like that once per day long term is going to go a long way toward building robust health.

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