How To Reverse Bacteria Imbalance in Gut

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker, author of Candida Crusher. Thanks for tuning into this video today. I’m going to talk about the imbalances of the microflora. How things get tipped over. How we end up getting too many bad bugs in the system and not enough good bugs in the system. It’s very important you understand that a lot of the causes of gut problems usually have the origin in the person killing off large amounts of beneficial bacteria.

Here are some of the typical ones. I’ll just read them out. Traveling is one, of course. People who go traveling to different countries or people who go on holidays. Often there is some element of stress there. There will be different foods. There will be alcohol. This is one way of getting a lot of bugs into the gut. I see many different patients all the time on Skype from different countries or people who have gone to the Islands. For example, people here in New Zealand and Australia, they’ve traveled to the islands like Vanuatu, Fiji, Thomas, Samoa, those sort of places. Eaten maybe some dodgy food. Dodgy is a word we use for not so good in Australia and New Zealand. You know what I mean. Or perhaps have gone to maybe Vietnam, Thailand, or one of these countries and eaten food at a roadside store that wasn’t too good. Drinking water in one of these Asian countries is a sure fire way of picking up a bug or a waterborne disease like Blastocystis, for example, easy to pick up when you’re in Asia.

Changing food habits. Another typical one is people who tend to have weird jobs or shift workers. I see lots of these kind of people. Again, people who travel will often have changes in food habits as well, so try to stick with a regular healthy fresh diet. Eat three reasonably good-sized meals a day, maybe a couple of small snacks in between, but try to be regular with your times because it will really improve your digestive system. People who change all the time often end up with some type of gut problem.

Diets high in sugars. We see this a lot with people. Takeaway foods. If you go to MacDonald’s, Burger King or one of these places, even Subway, you know you’re going to often get a lot of sugar in your diet from all that starchy bread that they feed you or those sundaes or shakes or chocolate or confectionary. There are many ways you’re going to get sugar in your diet. Sugar will really help to build up the bad forms of bacteria and particularly yeast; in general, it will feed yeast up, which will be very competitive to the lactobacillus. Foods high in sugar. You look at the tens of thousands of grocery lines that you’re going to get now from the supermarket; well over half contain some kind of sugar. I believe that a third of all foods now packaged contain some element of artificial sugars in them, but a lot of foods contain refined sugar.

High heat-treated products. So again, a lot of processed foods. Foods that have been processed with high temperatures like tin foods. Many foods today have been processed with heat, hydrogenated fats – the fats that get hard at room temperature – lots of sugar, lots of chemicals. Do what I do. Put a vegetable garden down, grow some of your own food, and try to get away from a lot of processed junk because it’s not going to do anything for your health.

Environmental contaminants. Again, it could be heavy metal in the food that you’re eating. For example, we had a doctor over in New Zealand a few years ago. And when I took this doctor to a conference, we went up this highway, he saw all these potato crops growing all around the sides of the highway, and he said, “Those things will be contaminated because you get a lot of rubber being released in the air from these vehicles containing heavy metals. It’s going to go into the soil.” He said, “If you check these crops, you’ll find that the soil will have some level of cadmium in it.” It’s all in the know. It’s all in the knowledge. If you know these sort of things, you can help to avoid a lot of this crap in your food and in your body by understanding that we do live in a toxic environment and we need cleaning out from time to time.

Disrupted sleep cycles affect the gut profoundly. Computer workers. I find I have a lot of IT patients, so people who spend long hours on the internet. They could stay up until 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. working on their computer, and they’re going to really affect their ability to have good sleep by doing that. They’re going to alter their gut significantly by eating at crazy hours. You can’t just have some chips and some hot chicken at 2 o’clock in the morning and then expect to sleep well the following day at night. It’s just not going to happen. It’s going to affect your immune system a lot and make you increasingly sick by having these disrupted sleep cycles.

But what about antibiotics? Antibiotics are a huge way to alter the gut function, isn’t it? The amount of antibiotics we use in food now is phenomenal. Taking a probiotic every day makes a lot of sense. Even just one capsule per day makes a lot of sense. I’ve developed a product called Canxida Restore. You’ll be able to find that at Canxida Restore contains seven of the best enzymes and six of the best probiotics. I put no prebiotics in this product. I don’t believe in giving people prebiotics. They just create more problems than they solve.

Check out Canxida Restore. It might help you significantly if you’ve got a problem with your gut. Thanks for tuning in.

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