Candida Stool Testing For Beneficial Bacteria Count

Greetings, it’s Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand, author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of dietary supplements. Thanks for checking out this video today.

This is going to be one of several videos I’m going to do on comprehensive digestion stool analysis, so that’s comprehensive stool testing and its relevance with Candida yeast infections. You may have read some of my articles at or perhaps even looked at my book, Candida Crusher, or maybe even looked at some of my videos. You will probably notice that I’m a person who’s not really all that interested in just killing Candida as such.

I think it’s pretty dumb trying to build harmony in the body by killing anything. It’s all about getting balance back in the body again by making it difficult for yeast infections to thrive by taking foods away that allow yeast to really encourage the proliferation of yeast, actually make Candida grow in the body. You’ll do that by having a big imbalance in your diet, particularly, if you love eating lots of sugars, processed foods, candy, ice cream, alcohol, and those sorts of things. You know, all those crappy kind of foods. Foods that we know that we shouldn’t eat.

But what about the beneficial bacteria? You know, people talk about taking probiotics. People talk about eating fermented and cultured foods. What about assessing beneficial bacteria. Have you ever thought about that? Assessing the good guys in your digestive system. I think it’s very, very relevant. If you’ve had a chronic Candida yeast infection for a long time, it’s very smart to have a stool test done. Because a stool test, unlike many people say “Well, why would you do a stool test? Why not do a blood test to look at antibodies? Why not do a urinary test to look at the metabolites or the organic acids?

Those tests are okay, but I think stool testing is far more relevant because it gives you a lot more useful information.

Particularly, you’re going to start assessing the beneficial bacteria. I’m going to read a little bit out of my book here. It’s not just about a positive Candida result. What is your level of beneficial bacteria? The other thing I look for in the CDSA test is the level of other bad bacteria and particularly the level of beneficial bacteria. Is there a 1, 2 or 3 plus of good and/or bad?

You’re going to be considered, for example, if you have positive results with Candida after stool analysis that have failed to look at the amount of beneficial bacteria. Because the people in the lab, the technicians, they actually culture the stool for the good bacteria as well. You may discover that you may have NG or “no growth,” and then you may turn around to me and say, “Well, that’s crap. I’ve been taking these probiotic pills for six months or one year. I’ve been taking two or three a day. I’ve been eating yogurt. I’ve been having kefir. How come I’ve got no growth there?” I will come to that in a minute.

I want you to remember. It’s not all about killing Candida. It’s about restoring digestive harmony. And by assessing your level of the good and bad bacteria, as well as yeast, you’ll be in a powerful position to restore digestive harmony. No other pathological or functional test can give you this incredible level of balanced information. Now, you can see why I believe this to be the Rolls Royce of tests.

If you’re serious about getting rid of a yeast infection, get a stool test done, a CDSA. If you go to, my website, you can click on “lab tests.” You can actually access one of those through the company I deal with, Direct Labs. I’m quite happy to help interpret this test for you for a fee, naturally, to spend time with you.

Many naturopath or functional doctors will do this test with you. But make sure if you’ve got a chronic Candida infection, to get a stool test done to assess what the heck is going on. Is there inflammation? Are there immune dysfunctions? What are the beneficial bacteria like? Do you have parasites? There is loads of information you can pick up from the stool test. But the beneficial bacteria are very, very important to assess. Be sure to check out and do my quiz to see if you’ve got mild, moderate or severe yeast infection. And check out my website,, for really good quality antifungal and a probiotic enzyme supplement. I’m a big believer that if you take probiotics, you take enzymes at the same time. And I’ll go into that in a subsequent video.

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