Candida Question #2 Should I Avoid All Fruits On Candida Diet?

Hi, Eric Bakker here again from Candida Crusher. FAQ No. 2. Here’s a question from Gary in Seattle.

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Should I avoid all fruits?

This is a good question, Gary, and this is a question I get asked time and again by people both through email and in my consulting room.

I firmly believe that for the first 14 days to 21 days in particular it’s very prudent to avoid most of the sweet fruits, and these generally include oranges; most varieties of apples, which are high in sugar; particularly dried fruits, grapes, figs, foods like that; foods that people generally like to snack on.

I don’t really find them conducive for the initial stages of Candida, but I do recommend that they be reintroduced down the track. Fruits which I find that are generally fine, not a problem, the blueberries and many varieties of berries; they’re quite alkaline and tart. Avocados are fine. Granny Smith apples are fine. Limes are fine. Lemons are fine. Some people can get away with pineapple and another fruit which some can tolerate quite well are grapefruits, particularly if they put one or two drops of grapefruit seed extract with the grapefruit, it’s not a problem. But generally, you need to be cautious with fruit. Now I find some information on the internet goes from avoid all fruits entirely to eat as many fruits as you want.

In my book, Candida Crusher, you’ll find extensive information on fruit consumption, which fruits you can have, which ones are high in fructose, and the best way to reintroduce fruits again in the third phase of my diet, the food reintroduction diet.

So there you go, Gary, I hope that answers your question. Thank you.

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