Can you tell me what are signs and symptoms of male yeast infection

I’m here with another frequently asked question, a male yeast infection question. What are male yeast infection symptoms?

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Well, there are many different symptoms of a male yeast infection. It really depends on what area that you have got the yeast infection. You could have a yeast infection affecting you internally; your digestive system is a common place. It could be your skin, particularly the groin region, the inner thigh, around the scrotum, the penis, the anus; all those sort of areas could be affected. Your feet could be affected. Your toenails could be affected.

So let’s start with some of the gut symptoms that I commonly see in guys. We’re talking like burping, bloating, farting, these are very common symptoms. Other symptoms are craving sweet foods or alcohol, wanting beer, wanting pizzas, wanting bagels or donuts, these sorts of sweet foods. Especially throughout the day or wanting several cups of coffee with sugar in it. Wanting Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew or lots of sweet drinks, especially if you have quite a strong craving for sweet drinks. These are real key sort of red flag symptoms for a yeast infection.

If we’re talking about the skin area, particularly around your groin, you’re looking at redness and itching. It could be burning. The skin could be cracked. It could be a bronzy sort of color to the skin, but it’s not unusual for a guy to get a lot of itching and burning around that area and then scratching that area. You need to be careful scratching it because you could get that area infected.

So if we look at the keynote symptoms of a male yeast infection around the genital region, it would have to be itching, redness, and burning. Those are three of the key symptoms I would recognize that condition to be.

With the toenails, it could be itching between the toes. It’s not uncommon. Look for those kind of symptoms because they’re quite indicative of a male yeast infection.

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