Best Way To Treat IBS

Thanks for getting back. We’re in the Irritable Bowel Syndrome series. Now we’re going to talk about the best treatment for IBS. We’re going to try and put a few things together here. If this is the first video you’ve seen in the IBS series, I’ll just tell you what we’ve already done. What is IBS? The causes of IBS, the signs and symptoms, test and diagnosis, best diet, now we’re going to talk about best treatment.

The best treatment for IBS in my mind is to first identify the cause to find out why the hell you’ve got this problem. If your marriage breaks down or your business relationship breaks down or something happens to you, wouldn’t you like to know why that happened? Or would you just go from one failed marriage to another, or be someone like Zsa Zsa Gabor and have like 10 marriages. Just keep marrying people for the sake of marrying people.

If something happens, an intelligent person will want to find out why it happened, so they could stop that happening again. Unless of course you win the lotto, or you want to know how you’re going to win it again. If you got sick, why did you get sick? There’s a reason why you’ve got Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It didn’t drop in your lap like a plague of locusts. You got IBS because you created the IBS. Was it a pharmaceutical medicine, you took an antibiotic? Was it a hugely stressful marriage breakup you went through and you hit the bottle for a year or something? Something caused IBS.

Rule number one is try to identify the cause. That way, you’ll be able to get your health back a lot quicker and prevent recurrence of IBS. The best treatment for IBS will take into account lifestyle and diet and eradication of any unwanted bugs. The next video I’m going to do, I’m going to talk about supplementation and IBS, but this one is more about putting the whole thing together.

A very important seminar I went to in 2003 in Seattle, I heard a very clever doctor speaking. Dr. Alan Gaby. Alan Gaby is the past president of the American Holistic Medical Association. He said that whenever a patient comes to a doctor with a condition, it’s a functional problem. Particularly if it’s been labeled as NAD, not a normal diagnosis. It’s a garbage can diagnosis. The physician throws the patient in this garbage can and hope to hell that the rubbish man takes the garbage can and the problem away. Because they know that there could be one of a myriad of causes. Usually, it’s stress related.

Personally, I believe that half the patients I see with IBS have got stress. Major stress. They don’t see the link between the stress and the functional gut problem that’s been created as a result. Did stress directly cause the gut problem? No. But stress made the person change their diet, made them change their lifestyle. Made the person stay up at night. Made them snack inappropriately. Have inappropriate relationships. Get more involved in porn or vice. Get more involved in cannabis and the sugar cravings. Get more involved in alcohol. There will be different reasons why people get screwed up like they do. But, if the stress is addressed first, or the reasons why they had all these inappropriate behaviors leading to it, it would have stopped in the first place. Never discount stress.

If you’re in a stressful situation and you’ve got a gut problem, that’s the number one thing I want you to tackle. Before you do the diet, I want you to get this crap organized. Not only is it going to help the bowel, it’s probably going to help improve you immensely overall. Your relationships with special people around you. Your income. Lots of things will improve when this crap’s been resolved. So what the hell is it? You need to get this sorted. Talk to someone you can trust. Someone that you can speak to. don’t just keep it bottled up inside. Lots of people I talk to within 10 to 15 minutes of talking to them, they start to cry. They open up and they tell me all these problems. A lot of people have got stuff bugging them that’s on their mind. Those are the sort of things I want you to think about.

That’s what I call the lifestyle component. The lifestyle needs to be sorted, because this is a functional complaint. This is not pathology of the bowel or disease as such. This is something wrong with how the machine is working. Get that sorted first. Try and look at some of my videos I’ve done on autonomic nervous system dysfunction – on sympathetic and parasympathetic imbalance. This plays a massive role in getting the gut right. That plus the diet. If you’re going to eat really good foods (some people say, “I eat very clean!”) but they’re bloody stressed out of their brain. You might as well drink bloody paint strip as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve seen many people eat shitty foods and shitty diets in good health. I have. I’m not lying to you. I’ve seen a lot more people eat really clean. The best diet and are feeling crap health. See plenty of those, too. Think about that. It’s not just about what you eat, it’s about how you feel, how you relate. A lot of things account for health. I’ve said this on many of my videos. Getting the stress sorted, the emotional obstacle to cure or the problem that you’ve got. It could be a lack of income, it could be that you’re pissed off with your mother-in-law, could be that you haven’t had sex for up to two years or five years, it could be a lot of reasons why you’re not happy. If you’re watching this video now, you’re probably already starting to think about some of those problems. Think about that.

The food, common sense. You need to eat good healthy food. We’ve talked many times about this in a lot of the videos. You know what to eat. If not, check out one of my hundreds of videos I’ve created on healthy eating. Foods to eat, foods to avoid, there’s plenty of information about that on the internet. Supplementation will help you. It’s not mandatory, but it’s going to help to clean up the gut.

If we put the whole thing together: Assessment, understanding cause and effect, removing the stressful obstacles to cure, taking some supplement to speed up the process of getting the gut back on track, and eating the right kind of foods. That really, in my mind, is the best treatment for IBS, and the best treatment for a lot of chronic illnesses. Thanks for tuning in. Catch up with you in the next video.

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