Candida Crusher FAQ

Where Is Eric Bakker From?

Eric Bakker was born in Australia and lived in Holland for several years before moving back to Australia, and finally moving to New Zealand with his wife and four children in 1998. He currently lives in a small village called Havelock North in the beautiful North Island of New Zealand.

Does Eric Bakker Have A Clinic?

Dr. Bakker does have a clinic and consults mainly via Skype. He has patients in over 30 countries around the world.

Will This Book Help Me Get Rid Of Depression?

The answer to that question all depends if your depression is directly or indirectly linked to your yeast infection. Many patients have no more anxiety, depression or insomnia since completing the Candida Crusher Program, because the symptoms of their debilitating yeast infection no longer bothers them. Treating the symptoms only, while not addressing the cause, is one of the main reasons why your depression may not have disappeared during yeast infection treatment, and if your depression is linked to your yeast infection, I would expect it to improve significantly and some instances even go away entirely once your yeast infection has been resolved.

Does This Book Talk About Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Candida Crusher talks about leaky gut syndrome in great detail, and gives many options on how to overcome a condition that is synonymous with yeast infections. A great amount of attention is paid in the book to immunity and the digestive system, along with a detailed explanation of how the immune system functions, food allergies and the many clinical manifestations of LGS and what to do about it.

My Doctor Says I Don’t Have Candida. Should I Still Buy This Book?

Yes, You should, and your doctor should buy a copy as well to become enlightened about yeast infections and learn how to diagnose, identify and treat a condition he or she will encounter in their clinical practice on a daily basis. Candida Crusher was written as a guide for both patients and doctors.

Is This A Permanent Solution To Candida?

Absolutely, Candida Crusher was written to enable a yeast infection sufferer overcome their yeast infection permanently, providing the program is carefully followed and implemented long enough to gain the maximum benefits from it.

What Is A ND?

A person with an ND qualification is generally speaking a qualified naturopath. In some countries, ND can mean Naturopathic Doctor, whereas in other countries ND can signify a Diploma in Naturopathy. Dr. Bakker studied for seven years full time, and completed three separate diploma qualifications (naturopathy, homeopathy and herbal medicine) as well as his Bachelor of Health Science Degree, majoring in Complementary Medicine.

The important thing to bear in mind is the experience of the practitioner, rather than purely their qualification, a fake qualification can even be bought online for several hundred dollars. There are many Ph.D.-qualified practitioners who are research orientated and who have never ever seen a patient, likewise, there are practitioners without an ND, MD, who can achieve outstanding results with their patients. Having a “qualification” is not necessarily an iron clad guarantee that your practitioner will achieve the results you are looking for, but it certainly will guarantee you that he or she is competent and has attained a sufficient standard of practice.

Is The Candida Crusher Program Hard To Follow?

Not at all, the Candida Crusher program is simple to follow and most people will have little difficulty in understanding the program and utilizing the advice. The real issue will be for you to follow on through with the valuable advice, and more importantly to stick with the recommendations long enough not only to rid your body of yeast infections, but to keep all those uncomfortable symptoms away permanently. And to help you in this regard, Candida Crusher contains plenty of advice that will help you keep on track, along with sound measures you can put into place that allow you build the persistence you will require to never quit until you are fully cured.

Why Did Eric Bakker Want To Write This Book?

Eric Bakker wanted to write this book because he wanted to be able to place a comprehensive book about yeast infections in the hands of a person who has suffered from a yeast infection for a considerable amount of time with little or only partial relief, in spite of perhaps seeing a doctor or naturopath, or spending lots of money on home treatments and dietary supplements or after following online advice. Dr. Bakker wanted the book to positively inspire a person with a yeast infection and give them the all the tools they need for recovery. Candida Crusher was also written as a motivational yeast infection recovery guide, inspiring those with a yeast infection to not only believe that by following the right principles their ability to fully recovery is not only possible, but highly likely if they follow clearly defined principles outline in detail in the book and stick with treatment.

In addition, Dr. Bakker also wanted Candida Crusher to be a candida yeast infection recovery guide for doctors, naturopaths and allied health-care professionals, particularly those who don’t specialize in candida yeast infections or digestive problems, but who do see patients with acute and chronic yeast infections and are looking for an effective solution.

Why Is Eric Bakker Interested In Candida?

Dr. Bakker is interested in candida because of his own personal experiences regarding a chronic yeast infection he encountered in the mid 1980’s, the lack of support he received and because of his prolonged and uncomfortable recovery. He started giving advice on yeast infection to people even before he started studying naturopathy, and began to specialize in yeast infections very early on in his naturopathic practice.

Does Candida Cause Migraine Headaches?

Candida can be a hidden cause for many different kinds of headaches, including migraine headaches, tension headaches and toxic headaches. A yeast infection can produces many different kinds of toxins including mannan and gliotoxin that may leak through microscopic junctions in small intestine (leaky gut syndrome) into the bloodstream and through to your body, causing various physiological changes, like hormone imbalance, inflammatory responses, and even problems in nerve conduction and circulatory systems, which in turn can cause various headaches, including migraine headaches.

Candida headaches can also come about due to blood sugar imbalances, sugar cravings, and the production of acetaldehyde, a chemical that resembles alcohol and can make a person feel literally “hung-over”, these headaches are not dissimilar to those experienced after too much alcohol has been consumed.

Is This Program Expensive?

The Candida Crusher program shouldn’t cost much money, I generally tell people to expect to pay between three to seven dollars a day on average for dietary supplements, but this will lessen a great deal as time goes by, particularly after the first two to three months. In time you should not have to spend much at on dietary supplements, although I do recommend a good multi vitamin (like the Candida Crusher Multi) and a good Omega 3 long term, taken in a low dose.

The thing to bear in mind is that you will actually be saving money by making dietary changes; you will be eating in more and out less. This can represent a significant cost saving for many people. Just work out how much you will save if you stop buying take-out foods for a few months, stop buying alcohol, deserts, ice cream, coffee, and any sweet treats like chocolate. It is amazing how people view a health program designed to optimize their health and well-being as being costly, when in fact it is the lifestyle contributing to their health challenges which is actually the costly factor, a bottle of wine, a six-pack of beer or a take-out meal. And more so, it is more likely that the continuation of these poor health habits that may one day prove to be partly responsible for the development of a disease of such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer.

Did you know that most people spend more money in the last three months of their life trying to prolong their life, than they do in their entire life on health-care? Please don’t view a few dollars a day spent right now on preventive health-care as being “wasteful”. See it rather as in investment in your healthy future, an insurance policy against premature chronic disease.

Is this Book Written In Laymen’s Terms?

Absolutely. It is written in an easy-to-follow style in plain English without all the medical jargon. Many chapters contain advanced medical concepts, but this information has been presented to the reader in a style that takes into account that the person will have no prior experience, understanding or learning of medicine. Humor is used in places and Candida Crusher is written in a conversation style that most all people will enjoy reading.

How Do I Know If I Have Candida?

You will know if you have a yeast infection or not by taking a look at chapter 3 in Candida Crusher entitled: “Diagnosing, Identifying & Testing for Candida Yeast Infections”. In this chapter you will find an extensive list of all the common and not so common signs and symptoms you are likely to encounter if you have a yeast infection. I’ve also designed one the Internet’s most comprehensive and accurate online yeast infection surveys to complete, whether you are a man, woman or for you to complete on your child’s behalf. The results will be sent to you quickly and you will soon know whether you have a mild, moderate or severe score. Just go to the home page of

One of the most accurate and valuable tests for detecting a yeast infection in my opinion is the stool analysis ( CDSA), but it is best that you seek special interpretation by a trained practitioner to recognize and treat yeast infections based on these results. You can also try my eight different home tests I’ve outlined in detail in chapter 3 of Candida Crusher, most of these tests can be completed for free in the comfort of your own home.

Does Dr. Bakker Follow This Program Himself?

Dr. Bakker follows the dietary principles outlined in his book, but no longer needs to follow his three-stage Candida Crusher Program because he recovered from his yeast infection many years ago. He does however follow the lifestyle advice and undertakes his three-stage detoxification program, which he has outlined in Candida Crusher, annually.

How Long Has Eric Bakker Been Working On Curing Candida?

Dr. Bakker has been in clinical practice for twenty-five years, and has specialized in candida when he first began his clinical practice. In fact, he began giving advice to those with yeast infection after his recovery from yeast infection, twenty-seven years ago.

How Many People Has Eric Bakker Helped Overcome Candida Yeast Infections?

Dr. Bakker has treated more than 15,000 patients in his clinics in both Australia and New Zealand with all manner of yeast infections, including vaginal thrush, jock itch, toenail fungus, diaper rash, systemic candidiasis, psoriasis, ringworm and many other skin manifestations of yeast infection, in addition to several other kinds of yeast infections.

What Is Candida And Why Do I Need To Crush It?

Candida albicans is a type of yeast like fungus that inhabits the intestines of over 90% of people as well as the genital tract and mouth of the host. It is important to realize that candida albicans is normally occurring in your body, it is only when an imbalance occurs and too much yeast grows that a problem develops. In women, a candida yeast infection is a condition that migrates readily from the large intestine to the vagina. It is important to crush a candida related yeast infection sooner rather than later, because candida can quickly become invasive affecting the quality of one’s life and producing many different symptoms ranging from the very mild to right through to the severely debilitating.

Will Candida Crusher Help Me Lose Weight?

Most patients will lose some weight on the Candida Crusher program. This program is not designed to be a weight-loss program, but most end up losing weight over time with the different healthy dietary and lifestyle changes they undergo. Some candida patients only loose only a little, whereas others have lost a hundred pounds or even more after having followed the program. Weight-loss varies and depends on the person’s participation and how committed to making the right changes to their diet and lifestyle once they begin, and weight maintenance then depends on their ability to stick with the healthy changes they will have made long term.

Who Gets Candida?

Anyone from birth to old age and from any race or culture can develop and suffer from a yeast infection. People vary greatly in their ability to develop and maintain a yeast infection in their bodies. A high stress lifestyle, a life crisis or a continuing difficult situation can cause a yeast infection in even the healthiest person because these factors will lower a person’s resistance and increase their susceptibility. However there are certain factors that increase susceptibility to yeast infections. These factors include a diet high in take-out foods; alcohol consumption; too little sleep and rest; taking an antibiotic or the oral contraceptive pill; a diet high in refined sugars and simple carbohydrates like pasta and bread; a mother with a yeast infection during gestation and birth. Unfortunately many of these factors are all too common in modern life.

Can Children Have Candida?

Yes, children are susceptible to the same causative factors for a yeast infection as adults. Children whose mothers had a candida yeast infection during their gestation and/or birth are especially vulnerable to developing a yeast infection. These children are often more sickly, are more likely to be prescribed antibiotics (which worsen yeast infections), are more prone to food allergies and take longer to recover from illnesses. However, they too can greatly benefit from proper yeast infection treatment and healthy lifestyle choices. We often see adolescents, young adults as well as younger children in our clinic with yeast infections, who benefit tremendously from the Candida Crusher Program.

Is Eric Bakker A Doctor?

Eric Bakker is a naturopathic physician and not a medical doctor. However, NDs are considered doctors in various countries. Eric has worked however in conjunction with medical doctors for almost twenty years in various medical centers and integrative medical clinics in both Australia and New Zealand. He is a guest lecturer at the Australasian Integrative Medical Association.

Why Doesn’t My Doctor Know More About Candida?

Unfortunately, many conventional doctors are not as well informed about yeast infections as their more enlightened patients would like them to be. Yeast infections have been around for many years, and have become particularly evident since doctors began prescribing antibiotics in the 1950’s. Medical practitioners have been aware of yeast infections for over fifty years but many still believe that yeast infections only occur in women, and some believe that yeast infections do not even exist at all. Here are but of the few reasons why many medical doctors dont know more about candida, or simply do not treat yeast infections at all in their patients:

1.Medical treatments today have become very focused on symptomatic treatment, and doctors don’t tend to look at correcting any underlying functional disturbances, commonly found in those with yeast infections.

2.Unfortunately, another reason why doctors don’t tend to treat yeast infections is that some of their drugs actually contribute to the yeast syndrome, like antibiotics, the oral contraceptive pill and acid blocking drugs.

3.Your doctor may fear treating patients with yeast infections, as it is not the “established norm” and that they may be ridiculed by their colleagues who simply “don’t believe” in yeast infections. This is more common than you may think.

4.Chronic yeast infections are not that easy to eradicate and are best solved by recommending the patient to make appropriate lifestyle and dietary changes, along with specialized products and foods that help eradicate yeasts as well as encourage the proliferation of friendly, beneficial bacteria. Doctors don’t tend to work making these kinds of recommendations in their clinical practice; many just tend to give drugs.

5.Doctors don’t really listen to a patient’s subjective feelings they may share with their medical practitioner. Such feelings may well be “disallowed”, particularly when all the test results appear to be negative as far as conventional pathological testing is concerned.

6.Doctors don’t tend to treat conditions they can’t find positive results for in pathological tests. Most all doctors do not perform the best tests to confirm the diagnosis of yeast infections, the comprehensive digestive stool analysis.

The best thing to do is to switch to a medical or naturopathic doctor who is familiar with yeast infections or give your uninformed doctor a copy of the Candida Crusher. Hopefully in the years to come, many more medical practitioners will know how to recognise and treat yeast infections.

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